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Update our ATM database

You are adding details for a new ATM that we don't yet have in our database. If you wanted to edit details for one we've already got, then use the ATM finder to get the right one and then click on the "edit" icon beside it.

Map loading...

The most important information is the latitude and longitude of the ATM. It is utterly essential that these are correct. Please do not add any other details, or submit the form, until you are confident that you have got these right.

If you know the latitude and longitude (maybe from a separate GPS device), you can type them into the fields. But the easiest way to get them is to position the red marker on the map to the correct location. Just click/tap where the ATM is to set the details. Accuracy is important, so make sure you're zoomed all the way in first!

Coordinates OK?

Everything else is just detail. Fill in or update as much as you can.