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Hotels, Post Offices, ATMs and Pharmacies in Southampton, Hampshire

Post Offices

There are no Post Offices in Southampton.


  1. Lloydspharmacy
    76 St Mary's Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 1NY
  2. Spiralstone Pharmacy
    122 Brintons Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 0DB
  3. Sk Roy Late Night Dispensing Chemists
    44-45 St.Mary's Road, Southampton, Hampshire, Southampton SO14 0BG
  4. Boots Uk Limited
    19-29 Above Bar Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 7DX
  5. Asda Pharmacy
    The Marlands, Portland Terrace, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 7EG
  6. Telephone House Pharmacy
    71 High Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 2NW
  7. Boots The Chemist
    Unit 3, West Quay Retail Park, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 1BA
  8. Bassil Chemist
    55a Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 2DT
  9. Boots Uk Limited
    9 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9DY
  10. Superdrug
    15-17 Victoria Road, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9DY
  11. Regent's Park Pharmacy
    61 Regent's Park Road, Shirley, Southampton SO15 8PF
  12. Boots Uk Limited
    9-11 Shirley High Street, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 3NJ
  13. Lloydspharmacy
    Unit 2, The Shirley Centre, Shirley High Stree, Southampton SO15 5LL
  14. Lloydspharmacy
    17 Grove Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 3HH
  15. Tesco In-Store Pharmacy
    Tesco Superstore, Tebourba Way, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 4QE
  16. Adelaide Pharmacy
    The Adelaide Health Centre, William Macleod Way, Southampton SO16 4XE
  17. Pharmacy Direct
    202 Shirley Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 3FL
  18. Lloydspharmacy
    9 St.James' Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 5FB
  19. Millbrook Pharmacy
    168 Windermere Avenue, Millbrook, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 9GA
  20. Sy Nam Pharmacy
    99 Rownhams Road, Maybush, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 5EB
  21. Day Lewis Chemist
    One Stop Store, 398 Coxford Road, Lordswood,Southampton, Hampshire SO16 5LL
  22. Lloydspharmacy
    16/17 District Centre, Lordshill, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 8HY
  23. Sunak Pharmacy
    19 Burgess Road, Bassett, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 7AP
  24. Pharmacy Direct
    93 Gordon Avenue, Portswood, Southampton, Hampshire SO14 6WB
  25. Boots Uk Limited
    233 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton, Hampshire SO17 2NF
  26. Day Lewis Pharmacy
    195 Portswood Road, Portswood, Southampton, Hampshire SO17 2NF
  27. Day Lewis Pharmacy
    241 Portswood Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO17 2NG
  28. Highfield Pharmacy
    29 University Road, Highfield, Southampton, Hampshire SO17 1TL
  29. Your Local Boots Pharmacy
    2 The Broadway, Midanbury, Southampton SO18 4QD
  30. Bitterne Pharmacy
    62a West End Road, Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire SO18 6TG
  31. Your Local Boots Pharmacy
    Bitterne Park Medical Ctr, Thorold Rd, Bitterne Park, Southampton, Hampshire SO18 1JB
  32. Pharmacy Direct
    45 Melchet Road, Harefield, Southampton, Hampshire SO18 5GW
  33. Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd
    West End Road, Bitterne, Southampton SO18 6TG
  34. Your Local Boots Pharmacy
    12 West End Road, Bitterne, Southampton SO18 6TG
  35. Lloydspharmacy
    10A Dean Road, Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire SO18 6AP
  36. Superdrug Stores Plc
    401-403 Bitterne Road, Bitterne, Southampton, Hampshire SO18 5RR
  37. Day Lewis Pharmacy
    joined to Chessel Practice, Sullivan Road, Sholing, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 0HS
  38. Lloydspharmacy
    64-66 Portsmouth Road, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9AL
  39. Lloydspharmacy
    49 Portsmouth Road, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9BD
  40. The Co-Operative Pharmacy
    326 Hinkler Road, Thornhill, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 6DF
  41. Sangha Pharmacy Ltd
    48 Thornhill Park Road, Thornhill, Southampton, Hampshire SO18 5TQ
  42. Pharmacy Direct
    Weston Lane Centre, Health Living,Weston Lane, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 9GH
  43. Lloydspharmacy
    1 Market Buildings, Swaythling, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 2HW
  44. Alliance Pharmacy
    357A Burgess Road, Bassett, Southampton, Hampshire SO16 3BD

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  1. 31 Queens Terrace 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom Town House
    31 Queens Terrace SO14 3BQ
  2. Abbey Lodge
    37 The Polygon SO15 2BP
  3. Addenro Apartments
    40-42 Howard Rd SO15 5BL
  4. Addenro Bed and Breakfast
    42-44 Howard Road, Shirley SO15 5BL
  5. Addenro House
    40-42 Howard Road SO15 5BL
  6. Alcantara Guest House
    20 Howard Road SO15 5BN
  7. Argyle Lodge
    13 Landguard Road SO15 5DL
  8. Azdec House
    Azdec house 32 Gladstone road SO19 8GT
  9. Banister Guest House
    11 Brighton Road SO15 2JJ
  10. Cargo
    20-22 Oxford Street SO14 3DJ
  11. Carmel Serviced Rooms
    306 Winchester Road SO16 6TU
  12. Castle Point Apartments
    45 Castle Way SO14 2EL
  13. Charter Marina
    12 Charter House 85 Canute Road SO14 3FY
  14. Circle Guest House
    The Polygon SO15 2BN
  15. City Park Guest House
    The Polygon SO15 2BN
  16. Claremont House
    33-35 The Polygon SO15 2BP
  17. Endeavour Marina
    55 Endeavour Court Channel Way Ocean Village SO14 3GD
  18. Ennios Boutique Hotel
    Town Quay Road SO14 2AR
  19. Grand Harbour Hotel
    West Quay Road SO15 1AG
  20. High 5 Apartment
    5 Telephone House 70-75 High Street SO14 2NW
  21. Highfield House Hotel
    119 Highfield Lane
  22. Highfield House
    119 Highfield Lane SO17 1AQ
  23. Holiday Inn Southampton
    Herbert Walker Avenue SO15 1AG
  24. Hunters Lodge Guest House
    25 Landguard Road SO15 5DL
  25. ibis budget Southampton Centre
    3 West Quay Road SO15 1RA
  26. ibis Southampton
    9 West Quay Road SO15 1RA
  27. Jurys Inn Southampton
    Charlotte Place SO14 0TB
  28. Landguard House
    44 Landguard Road SO15 5DP
  29. Landguard Lodge
    21 Landguard Road SO15 5DL
  30. Mayview Guest House
    30 The Polygon SO15 2BN
  31. Mercure Southampton Centre Dolphin Hotel
    34-35 High Street, Old Town SO14 2HN
  32. Mistral Apartment
  33. Novotel Southampton
    1 West Quay Road SO15 1RA
  34. Number 10 Self Catering
    10 Landguard Road, Southampton, Hampshire SO15 5DJ
  35. Number 10 service apartment
    Landguard Road SO15 5DL
  36. Ocean Village Marina Apartment
    144 The Hawkins Tower Admirals Quay Ocean Way SO14 3LH
  37. Ocean Village
    47 Mistral Court, 32 Channel Way, SO14 3JA
  38. Oceana accommodation - Pacific close
    6 Pacific Close SO14 3TX
  39. Oceana Serviced Accommodation - Alder Road
    32 Alder Road SO16 5EP
  40. Polygon Villas Guest House
    8-10 The Polygon SO15 2BN
  41. Premier Inn Southampton City Centre
    6 Dials, New Road SO14 0AB
  42. Premier Inn Southampton West Quay
    Harbour Parade SO15 1BA
  43. Provincial Apartment
    Flat 1 Provincial House 84 Canute Road SO14 3GX
  44. Romsey Road Apartments
    Flat 7 Victory House 2-6 Romsey Road SO16 4BZ
  45. Room And Roof Southampton
    216A Bassett Green Road SO16 3NF
  46. Southampton Serviced Apartments
    136 Bassett Avenue SO16 7EZ
  47. Southampton Short Stay
    70 Orchard Place SO14 3BW
  48. St Catherine s Apartment
    32A St Catherine s Rd Bitterne Park SO18 1LJ
  49. Sycamore Court
    7 Sycamore court 11 Jessamine Road SO16 6AW
  50. The Blue Keys Hotel
    82 Northlands Road SO15 2LH
  51. The Coach House
  52. The Elizabeth House Hotel
    42-44 The Avenue SO17 1XP
  53. The Old Stables
    2A Canton Street SO15 2DH
  54. The Star Hotel
    26 High Street SO14 2NA
  55. The White Star Tavern
    28 Oxford Street SO14 3DJ
  56. The Winston Hotel
    51 Archers Road SO15 2NF
  57. Town or Country - Atlantic Close
    48 Atlantic Close SO14 3TD
  58. Town Or Country - Canute Studio
    23 Canute Road SO14 3FJ
  59. Town or Country - Carpathia
    Carpathia Drive SO14 3GU
  60. Town or Country - Central Park Apartments
    Palmerston Road SO14 1LP
  61. Town or Country - Central Park
    Central Park Palmerston Road SO14 1LP
  62. Town or Country - Charter House Apartments
    85 Canute Road SO14 3FY
  63. Town or Country - Clench House
    8 Clench Street SO14 3GB
  64. Town or Country - Commodore Court
  65. Town or Country - Empress Heights
    College Street SO14 3LA
  66. Town or Country - Endeavour Apartments
    50 Channel Way, Ocean Village SO14 3GD
  67. Town or Country - Imperial Apartments
    South Western House, Canute Road SO14 3AL
  68. Town or Country - Oceana Apartments
    Ocena Boulevard, Briton Street SO14 3HF
  69. Town or Country - Oceana Boulevard
    Briton Street SO14 3HF
  70. Town or Country - Osborne House Apartments
    40 Osborne Road, Grosvenor Square SO15 2DA
  71. Town or Country - Osborne House
    Osborne Road Grosvenor Square SO15 2DA
  72. Town or Country - Sirocco Apartment
    Sirocco Court 33 CHANNEL WAY SO14 3JE
  73. Town or Country - Sirocco Apartments
    Sirocco Court, 33 Channel Way, Ocean Village SO14 3JE
  74. Town or Country - Splash Apartment
    Pacific Close Ocean Village SO14 3TY
  75. Town or Country - The Greenwich
    Gloucester Square SO14 2GJ
  76. Town or Country - Union Castle Apartment
    Union Castle SO143FJ
  77. Travelodge Southampton Central
    Castle Way SO14 2BW
  78. Travelodge Southampton
    144 Lodge Road SO14 6QR
  79. Vokes House - Oceana Serviced Accommodation
    18 Vokes Close SO19 8BN
  80. Wilton House Apartments
    34-36 Wilton Road SO15 5XE

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ATMs (Cash machines)

Not showing ATMs because there are too many in Southampton.

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